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It's serious <a href=" ">Minocycline Minocin</a> Nothing remarkable about that, you may think. We&rsquo;re now so accustomed to sternly-voiced machines diagnosing our &lsquo;unidentified item in the bagging area&rsquo;, we don&rsquo;t even snigger. But what was novel about this situation &ndash; to me, anyway &ndash; was that there was no alternative choice. The manned tills were shut. If you wanted to pay for your shopping, the Gods of St Michael had decreed, you were compelled to use a self-service till. Rampant technophile I may be, but at that precise moment I would have preferred to have purchased my poncy parmesan from an actual person, rather than Optimus Prime. This sounds supremely snobbish, but I didn&rsquo;t spend three years studying for a degree so I could scan in barcodes at a supermarket.


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